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followed He would've refused if she hadn't given the sword back. Questalot likes that sword.

Andrew: That worked supprisingly well... That whole situation was... unexpected...
Questalot: She wasn't who I was expecting at all. I thought it would be some master criminal... not just a regular person with a love of shiny things...

Andrew: I think we did the right thing. Those people back at the town were pretty angry.
Questalot: I suppose... So long as she stays out of trouble... Strange, I feel like we're being followed...

Andrew: Does that bush look... suspicious... to you?

Hoshii: *gets out of bush* Umm... Hi!
Andrew: Hoshii? Why are you here?

Hoshii: I wanted to give you this.
Questalot: My other sword! Thank you for returning it!

Hoshii: Also I... want to come with you...
Andrew: Huh?

Hoshii: I heard that you were going to try to help Andrew remember his past and... you really helped me back there... I owe you guys a lot...
Andrew: I guess... it will keep you out of trouble.
Questalot: I'm not sure... but you seem like you want to help...

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